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12-Week Shred - Training and Diet Plan

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12-Week Shred – Gold Tier

Break YOUR fat and get shredded!

This is for MEN AND WOMEN of ALL ages.

Our 12-Week Shred program is designed for those that want to lose fat, keep muscle and reveal their hard-earned physique that’s hiding under the blubber! This is a 12-Week training and diet plan that will give you optimal fat loss with no loss in muscle or any metabolic reduction!


  •     Training program with detailed workouts, workout split, exercises, set/rep/rest advice and more!
  •     Nutrition program with example meal plans, supplement recommendations, macro nutrient breakdown, calorie calculations, micro nutrient advice, recommended foods and more!
  •     FREE weekly consultations with our trainers and nutritionists.
  •     Exercise and stretching instruction image library.

We’re so certain that you’ll get amazing results with our fitness coaching that we offer a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on ALL plans!

To get started, click ‘ADD TO CART’ to purchase. Our head trainer and CEO Richard Ahern will then contact you within 24 hours to get all the relevant information we need to design your plan. The email address and phone number you provide at checkout will be what we contact you on. Once your plan is completed, we will email it straight to you!

You will receive your plan within 48 hours of purchasing.

Richard Ahern REPS Certified Trainer. Nutrition Consultant Emily Merrick BSc Nutrition.