Anabolics Unchained
Anabolics Unchained
My Transformation Using Anabolics Unchained.
Testimonial from our client, boxing TV presenter Chris Worthington.

Anabolics Unchained - The Natural Alternative to Steroids

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A complete training, diet, lifestyle and supplementation plan GUARANTEED to build muscle and burn fat faster than you thought was naturally possible, or YOUR MONEY BACK!​

This is for men who take training seriously but also value their health. Simply, this is the natural alternative to taking steroids and other performance enhancing drugs. This is backed up by science and research but is very easy to understand and implement.

Once you’ve started this plan/guide, you will notice within 1-2 weeks:

  •     Increased Muscle Growth.
  •     Increased Fat Burning.
  •     Enhanced Performance and Strength.
  •     Faster Recovery.
  •     More Energy.
  •     Improved Mood, Well-Being and Sexual Function.
  •     Better Sleep Quality.

This unique comprehensible plan and guide for men that will show you how to naturally:

  •     Drastically Increase Your Testosterone Levels.
  •     Massively Boost Your Human Growth Hormone Production.
  •     Decrease Your Levels of the Female and Fat Storing Hormone Oestrogen.
  •     Decrease Your Stress Hormone Cortisol.
  •     Regulate Your Other Metabolic and Fat Burning Hormones.

Additional Information:

The way our body looks, how much muscle we have and how much fat we hold is largely governed by our hormones. Specifically, our anabolic steroid hormones (testosterone), growth hormones (HGH, IGF etc.) and fat burning hormones (T3, T4 etc.).

No matter how hard you train, how hard you diet or how much protein you eat, if your anabolic, growth and fat burning hormones are not optimised, you will NOT make progress. To put it as simply as possible, as men trying to look great, we want high testosterone and high growth hormone to build muscle, burn fat and improve performance.

Unfortunately, due to numerous factors relating to our modern and sedentary lifestyle, men’s testosterone levels have decreased rapidly in the last few decades. Testosterone and growth hormone also naturally decrease with age as soon as we hit age 20! A few of us have good genetics for high testosterone, growth hormone and muscle building, but that’s a very small percentage of the male population. For the vast majority of us, we have average or below average natural anabolic hormones, which is why so many of us can’t build the physique we want.  So, our dreams of a ripped muscular body are doomed then?

Testosterone Quote

No!! We have two options:

  1.     We take synthetic anabolic steroids and inject growth hormones like pro bodybuilders do. Does this work? Yes, absolutely. Are there side effects and health consequences? Yes, absolutely. Or….
  2.     Using research proven methods we naturally boost our testosterone, growth hormone and other fat burning hormones through advanced training, nutrition, lifestyle and natural supplementation. Is this as effective as taking synthetic anabolic steroids and growth hormones? No, I’m not going to lie, but IT DOES WORK. Are there side effects and health consequences? No, none, in fact these methods will IMPROVE your health and well-being.

My Transformation Using Anabolics Unchained.

Through years and years of research and first-hand experience, we have designed a complete plan/guide to safely and naturally skyrocket your natural anabolic steroid, growth and fat burning hormones.


  • Advanced Training Methods and Workouts.
  • Advanced Diet Techniques.
  • Easy Lifestyle Adjustments.
  • Supplement Advice.

This is exclusive and unique to Unchained Muscle®, you won’t find this information anywhere else! What are you waiting for? Click ‘ADD TO CART’ and we will email you the entire plan within 24 hours.

Over 70% off for Christmas and New Year’s!

REPS Certified Trainer. Nutrition Consultant Emily Merrick BSc Nutrition.

Testimonial from our client, boxing TV presenter Chris Worthington.